Need to work out how many paving slabs you need?
Use the Kelkay paving calculator for free to determine what you need.


To use the paving calculator, measure the length and width of the area to cover.
Select the type of product from the dropdown menu, and input your measurements.
Please note, we recommend adding 10% for wastage – you can tick the box to add extra to the calculator.
Click calculate to estimate the ideal amount of paving for your project.


We recommend purchasing at least 10% extra product to allow for errors, damages or obstacles.


Use the Kelkay paving calculator to work out how much paving required for any project. Input the length and width of the area to cover, and select the product type, then click calculate. The calculator will work out how much you need of each product.

Use a tape measure to measure along the very outside edge of the area to be paved. To use the paving calculator you need to know the longest length and longest width of the space. Depth is not required.

We recommend allowing an extra 10% when you order paving to account for spares and mistakes. If you choose to add an extra 10%, either add the extra on to your measurements before you calculate, or onto the recommended amount of paving.

Aim to look after your paving with regular maintenance: remove leaves and dirt with a rake and brush, and wash the paving down with clean water.

You can buy Kelkay paving nationwide. Head to our stockists page to find your closest retailer and shop Kelkay paving in person.

Yes – it’s possible to order Kelkay paving directly to home through one of our nationwide retailers. Use our stockists page to find your nearest retailer and visit their site or location to view the range, find out if they offer our direct to home service, and place your order.

If you would like assistance with any step of the measuring and calculating process, contact our friendly team and they’ll be happy to help.


If you have any questions about our paving calculator or would like some help, please contact our customer service team who are always happy to help.